Alexa Ranking Vs. Google Page Rank. Which Is More Important?

Alexa TrafficEveryone has their own take on what is important where search engine optimization and marketing is concerned. Most everyone that owns a web or blogsite (or is responsible for managing one) wants to be on page one of Google. You see it everywhere. Want to get a high Page Rank on Google? Or, we’ll get you on page one on Google. That’s their pitch. I’m not going to completely discard the power of having such a ranking, but I’ll trade it any day with a low number from my beloved Alexa. Here’s why…

First, let me say that I have blogsites, not websites. There is a difference. Blogsites are obviously more interactive than websites. You’re not going to learn much from visiting, except that you could have saved 20% off on your kid’s swim suit by shopping there. With a blogsite, you’re providing information, a place that people come to find out things that you have and they want. It’s a place to learn and share. Somewhere along the way, we all come to like the idea of being able to monetize such a well-oiled machine. For this reason, my concern is the traffic score of my blog, not my page rank.

I was recently discussing openly that 60 days ago, I started a particular blogsite. Day one, no Alexa score. 10 days later…14,000,000 in the world. Wow, I’m noticed! Today, 940,000 in the world, and 119,000 in the US (which is what I designed my niche market to be anyway, with respect to readership and products). In my own eyes, this is great progress. I’ll tell you, I didn’t make my first few affiliate sales by being on page one on Google. I made it through the progressive generation of quality traffic. Now anyone that knows me will say that I am adamant in my belief that the two do work together. They virtually have to. But, with my blogsite, I generated traffic by listening to those that are smarter than I am, networking, and just sorta showing that I cared about what was going on with the material I was presenting.

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook has an Alexa ranking of two in the world. He has also recently passed Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple in net worth. Bottom line, I don’t care how I get the traffic to my site, whether it was from being number 3 on page 2 of Google, or because my mom sent an email to one of her church friends recommending my site. If the traffic and the word start to spread, leading to positive results, I’ll take it!

I shall not lie, I would love to see my blogsite (or a post from it) listed under the three infamous “sponsored” ads on the first page of Google, but in the end, I’ll trade this for an Alexa score close to that of Twitter (which is generally around 10) any day of the week. Why? People are making a return for a reason.

Author Bio: Bryan P. Hollis is a freelance writer and editor. He started Mid Carolina Freelance in 2009, a complete SEO firm that overs many aspects of SEO including writing services, site analysis, and link building services.

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  • Brent

    Alexa rankings are based on incomplete data sets. They only collect data from users who have the Alexa toolbar installed.

  • Bryan Hollis

    So are you to deny the fact that Google, which is ranked #1, Facebook #2, Twitter #10, Amazon #13 are not accurate and indicative of how much money these sites bring in?

  • Anonymous

    Brent, No that is not true, Alexa does collect data (traffic) from other sources as very few people use Alexa Toolbar. But Yes, the data artifacts like demographics are from those users only(who uses Toolbar)

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  • Loura

    A few people recommended .They brought my site to Alexa’s top 50K in less than 90 days

  • Anonymous

    Loura, Thanks for the tip, Will surely give it a try

  • Jeff Richecky

    I agree with you. My page rank score for Google is a 0. When I first launched my blog, my rank was 16.5 million. 9 days into my marketing strategy it’s down to 2.5 million! I was amazed by the increase but Google didn’t same think so. Anyways, you are absolutely right that it doesn’t really matter if you’re listed on the first page of search results. Yes, it would be nice but I’m generating sales just where I am. Good post. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

    Take care,


  • Jeff Richecky

    All the post is saying is that you don’t need to be in the #1 spot in order to be successful. My Alexa rank is currently 2.5 million but I’m starting to generate sales and earn commission from my adsense programs.

  • Anonymous

    Jeff – I am glad you liked the post, regarding the rank from 16.5 million to 2.5 million in 9 days, this not very uncommon as rank rises pretty quickly in the beginning and then once you leach around 200 k it start slowing down and Google Page rank is done once around 3 months and that too i am guessing if you have rank higher then 500k its hardly Google will recognize you for PR, although they do take lot of other factors in calculate your PR.

  • dlysen

    What important to me is I can express something on my blog. Later that I figure out that it is useless when no one hear you. The only thing that you can tell that you are being heard is the stats you gain from any web, stat or ranking site.

  • Dial One Roofing

    Thank you for you topic dicussion. Now that I see that Alexa is your preference, my question is whether up the Alexa rank will influence the google rank ? 

  • Seo

    Alexa Is more important that google PR . what can do with PR 10 and alexa about 10000000 ?
    will it help you to earn online ar make your blog authority ?
    I will not say that google PR is worthless . It has also its own importance 

  • Amrish Singh

    Alexa is more important that google PR because Alexa means traffic and traffic means money . So always try to increase your Alexa your Pr will increase automatically 

  • Anonymous

    Amrish – You definitely have point about Alexa means traffic and traffic means money but i would say if you have a good PR it will help you getting your results on Google searches which will in turn translate to traffic. So don’t underestimate Page Rank.

  • MarecOne

    One good point is that Alexa is calculated daily (or something) but google pagerank changes every couple of months (if it changes). With alexa help we can change some strategies according to that number.

  • SEO Reseller

    I’m with MarecOne on this. Alexa is frequently updated, and thus relatively PR is outdated. Though, to add, they’re not the sole metrics used to determine one’s position in SERP’s, but rather are only parts of the vast array of ranking factors.

  • Buzzingup

    Now PR is also very frequently updated and infact it is separate for each page of the blog.

  • Buzzingup

    No more couple of months. It is updated much frequently.

  • seo outsource

    I think it depends upon the user’s goal or interest. For me it’s
    important to have Google page rank because it’s the main engine that everyone uses.

  • SEO Company In Brisbane

    I know it’s already been said, but thanks for explaining why alexa rank is more important compare to pagerank. Although I think that on some cases, page rank is more valuable. It usually determines the authority and credibility of a website. Plus, it’s one of the factor that google looks to a website when ranking them, which is unlikely not the same situation with alexa.

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    tnx for info….

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