T-mobile To Introduce $9.99 Data Plan To Attack AT&T [Rumor]

t-mobile-logoSince, smartphones have been available in the market in so much variety now, everybody wants to own one. Although many of you hate the fact that telecom operators requires a data plan on smartphones purchased with a contract and that the data plan cannot be removed for the life of your contract,

How about people who simply want a good messaging phone that can be hooked up to your home WiFi connection to check the occasional web page or an email. Let’s accept the fact that mandatory data plans are not going anywhere in the near future, what we through rumors is T-Mobile will be introducing a new data plan option for smartphone owners. Instead of paying the current $30 Unlimited Data per month, customers will have the option to get 200MB of data for just $9.99 per month, which is around $5 less then what AT&T charges presently. If a customer on the 200MB plan exceeds his or her allotment, they’ll be given the option to upgrade to the unlimited option.

The plan maybe introduced as soon as November before the holiday season shopping kicks in. With this recent announcement T-mobile wanted to be your operator of choice if you are occasional or heavy data users. Although this new plan will not benifit much to the youTube or Pandora users but a good choice for the ones with occasional email user.

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