Paypal Announces Support For Android Market Place [Leaks]

android-paypalUpdate(11/02): Paypal support for Android Market may be formally announced today.
A couple of days we said that Paypal support for Android Market place will be announced during the Paypal developer conference and yes that is getting more clear and story is coming close to reality. One of the reader tells Techcrunch that Paypal posted a short announcement yesterday on its corporate blog, but the blog post was pulled back few seconds later.

That’s not all, some tweeps even tweeted this message on their twitter stream, but as always Google cache lets you digg into the history pages and below is the screenshot from the blog post which has around 14 retweets also.


The announcement also noted that with the addition of Support for Android Marketplace it was on all platforms including iTunes and the Blackberry App World as a payment method.

Although the news have been pulled back now, but it won’t be late when it appears again in few more hours at the conference.

[via: Techcrunch]

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