Google acquires BlindType for more accurate Android typing

blindtype-logoSearch Giant Google is not slowing its momentum of acquisitions. Google today announced about its new acquisition of a startup. This time, the lucky company is San Francisco, California based BlindType. BlindType is the creators of an application with the same name. The application allows users to type virtually anywhere on the touchscreen without looking at the screen, it tries to analyze the characters by distance between a user’s fingers. As a matter of fact, no keyboard is required.

BlindType was founded a few months ago by Kostas Eleftheriou and Panos Petropoulos. The company was not even able to release its applications yet. But Assuming BlindType works as advertised, it makes perfect sense for Google to want to bring a technology like this into the Android fold, both for cell phones and for tablets running Android (and possibly even for Chrome OS if that ever comes out and is touch based).

As per nextweb, Google configmed the acquisition in an email by saying:

“We’re excited to welcome the BlindType team to Google. With their help, we hope to make touch typing on your mobile device easier and faster than ever.”

Also below is a short video demonstrating the application.

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