Generate YouTube Playlists on the Fly With Listandplay

list-and-playFew days back Google released Instant Search termed as “Google Instant”, which has been very popular with the users but it seems that it has been even more popular with developers. Immediately after its introduction, a number of developers set about creating instant searches from everything out there starting from YouTube to recently released Facebook Instant Search fbInstant

Now taking one step forward with jquery and YouTube api, yet another Google Instant spin-off for YouTube, It is somewhat similar to YouTube Instant but adding more cheese to it. It emphasises on playlists and sharing rather than individual videos. Listandplay uses a Google Instant-inspired search, serving up clips that start to autoplay as soon as you have typed in as little as one character, from the search results user can add selected clips to an instantaneously created playlist.

Once you have created the playlist, a short url is automatically generated at the bottom, right hand of the screen, now either you can share that url with your friends or buddies or you can even use the links for sharing the list on twitter, facebook, stumble, email and lot more. This application is a nice piece of development which even provides you with video controls on the top left hand corner.

Who knows, if this 23 years old, medical student will also be offered a job by some big web companies like the author of YouTube Instant recevieved an offer from YouTube on twitter.

Below is a short video showing the complete process of creating and sharing a playlist

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