Amazon waives $99 developer fees for Android App developers

amazon-logoFew days back, there was lot of news about Amazon planning to launch its own branded Android Tablet to expand its penetration into hardware market beyond its Kindle reader, and thats not all Amazon also plans to open a new Android market place to sell Android apps for other devices. According to Amazon‘s terms, developer royalties will be “equal to the greater of (i) 70 percent of the purchase price or (ii) 20 percent of the List Price,” along with the speculation that a $99 yearly fee will be levied.

But recently Amazon is looking to entice Android developers to its new App Store, waiving the $99 annual fee referenced in its terms and conditions that developers would normally have to pay. Upon joining some early adopters have received the following email.

We are pleased you joined the Amazon App Store program and as a token of our appreciation, you will not be required to pay the $99 program fee for your first year of participation in Amazon’s App Store program. Program fees for subsequent years will be due on the anniversary of the date you accepted the App Store Distribution Agreement.

At this point, it’s not clear as to who from Amazon’s bunch of developers are getting this email, but this is certainly good news for new developers who wants to get on the train for android app development.

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    There was lot of news about Amazon planning to launch its own branded Android Tablet to expand its penetration
    into hardware market beyond its Kindle reader so see for the result.

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