How New twitter website taps more revenue streams

newTwitterLast week, Twitter founders and big bosses called a press conference for the media to unveil the changes coming to twitter website over the next few weeks. Founders of twitter also said that they are quite aware of the usability factor of and understand the constraints advance or power users of twitter faces due to the simplicity of the web interface.

First lets start with some of the statistics given by Twitter

  • Twitter mobile usage up 250% this year. Twitter is seeing a massive increase in signups — 370,000 new signups per day, in fact.
  • is the biggest Twitter client. 78% log into on a monthly basis.
  • 16 new multi-media partners including: Vimeo, YouTube, Justin.TV, Ustream, Twitpic, Flickr, DailyBooth, DeviantART, Etsy, Kickstarter, Twitgoo, TwitVid, yFrog, Plixi, Photozou, and Kiva.

Now lets come to the point, how twitter will gain business with this new website redesign. The twitter redesign promises to transform Twitter from a flat, two-dimensional website full of text and a few avatar pictures into a vibrant, dynamic web experience rich in media like videos, etc.

Since the news came blogosphere has been discussing the Twitter redesign, with some bloggers claiming that the change is an all-out assault on third-party developers. Sure, it stands to reason that Twitter will gain by redesigning their outdated web interface, that much goes without saying. but mind still not all the applications will become useless or same as as most of the third party clients supports multiple users which is one of the most important factor required by any business who uses Social media to promote or support its business, but we are not here to discuss the points to differentiate and the social media clients.

Twitter is not a social service organisation, but its a business entity and like all things business-related, Twitter is making a change because they have a strong belief that this shift is going to make them more competitive and garner higher profits than their old layout and to some extent they are on the spot, Twitter’s new “Details Pane,” which shows supplementary information along with each Tweet, related either to the content of the tweet itself or to the author, is a wellspring of potential advertising opportunities. Let’s say, for example, I tweet something like “Waiting eagerly for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” This is a great opportunity for Fox Film Corporation to advertise the movie; after all, word-of-mouth advertising works best when coupled with official advertising, such as when I send my friends a link to a movie trailer. With the new “Details Pane,” Fox Film Corporation can simply show the “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” trailer right next to my tweet.

The changes or redesign twitter is doing this time is going to be the game changer and definitely reap in advertising revenue for twitter. The details pane on the right side will be a great asset to twitter where advertisers can embed rich media along side the simple twitter experience.

One thing is for sure, its not too far when will start putting advertisement besides your tweet in the details pane, which will be related to your tweets.

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