BMW Announces iPad and iPod-Out Connectivity

iPad-dock-BMWDevice integration is always a good thing and even more so when your car is included. At the 2010 Paris Motor Show BMW demonstrated its factory integration iPad dock . The behind the seat cradle with snugly hold an iPad and thus eliminating the need to shell out an extra $1,500 for a clunky DVD only headrest screen system. In addition to the iPad dock accessory, BMW’s new system will give drivers the capability to access text messages, memos, emails from their iOS and Blackberry devices.

The second piece of Apple-centric BMW OEM accessory on display at the Paris show is an iPhone or iPod dock called iPod Out, that supports a BMW Link app, which integrates the device with the car’s audio, Bluetooth phone, and satellite navigation systems.

And also forget SpongeBob Squarepants. Today’s kids and even elite global executives wants internet access no matter where they are. For them, BMW will offer a new WiFi hotspot feature for rear seat passengers. What is now required is an application to vanish traffic from the roads.

Some of these features may sound familiar as Ford’s SYNC has been on this type of connectivity for a while but BMW is taking strides by working specifically with the iOS platform. We can only hope lower end auto manufacturers will follow.

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