Official Tweet button from twitter to be released soon

Twitter Tweet buttonUPDATE : Official tweet button from twitter released.
Twitter has been gaining lot of momentum since the time, company has opened its API for public. It may also be one of the contributing factor for the success twitter has received in past. and TweetMeme are some of the successful examples which have made their businesses around this API. Retweet has already exchanged hands in past and was sold for around $250,000 and TweetMeme which is recently the number one player in providing the retweet buttons on the blogs and websites all over internet is now facing the threat from Twitter Inc, which plans to release its own retweet button soon.

Over the period of time twitter, in need of generating revenue have built lot of similar services in house, Many third-party developers building applications for corporate and individual Twitter use are now alarmed: is Twitter eating up their business models in an attempt to build its own?

According to Mashable, Twitter is launching an official Tweet Button for sharing articles on websites along with the counter displaying the number of times the url has been shared, they also said the button could be launched as early as this Thursday. The button when released will have various options for sizes as with existing TweetMeme button along with five different customization settings to match your blog color scheme.

Some of the documents released includes the details about the button and how to add the same to your website are as follows.



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