Finally, Apple holds a conference call for iPhone 4 antenna issue

The buzz around Apple latest iPhone 4 in the news, the blogs, and people you meet out in the streets is that the iPhone 4 signal problems are so bad that Apple should recall every last one. Apple’s image ever since the iPhone came out has been questionable. While selling millions of iPhones just in the few days of it being launched to the public, soon after many blogs and news websites began reporting that the signal issues were so bad that the iPhone would drop your call if you held it the wrong way. The wrong way soon became known as “The Death Grip” which Apple acknowledged on their website.

Yesterday even consumer reports published that they “Could not recommend the iPhone 4.” and today even one of the Microsoft executives termed iPhone 4 as Windows Vista.

After being surrounded by so much bad media, Apple has finally come out and planned a conference call for Friday (July 16) at its Cupertino headquarters. It is yet to be known what is Apple going to talk about. Are they going to recall the phones or they are going to give away free handset covers which fixes the issues.

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  • Jc Hemsath

    It’s a funny fact that despite iPhone 4 has problem with the antena, many people still want to buy it

  • Neil Husseini

    I don’t know why people still want to buy iPhone 4 after knowing its problem with the antena

  • John Kolisky

    Because they are freaky about Apple stuff

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