Facebook includes “Delete Account” Option to your profile

facebook-delete-buttonFacebook has been recently in news for not offering a straight forward option to delete your account. Instead, it offers a “deactivate your account” feature which requires you to stay away from your Facebook account for around 15 days before it is deleted and thats not all, In fact, if you try to deactivate your account, Facebook literally tries to emotionally blackmail you by showing your photos with your friends and families hosted on the network and other ways and says about those users missing you.

However, According to some reports from slashdot, it appears that Facebook is testing a “Delete Account” option, in addition to the previous Deactivate Account. The delete option, however, doesn’t really tell you that Facebook is going to remove all of your information, instead you just assume it does.

If this is true, it would be a major policy change for Facebook which tends to try hard to keep their members registered with the service. With that in mind, the option is not available to all users, and we’re awaiting official word from “facebook” to find if this is being rolled out on a massive scale, or if it’s just a trial-run.

Stay tuned to the latest.

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