Buy stuff and pay with your tweets

Social currency – the value locked away in your social network, is an often mentioned principle in online marketing. You build social currency by providing useful stuff to a growing network of fans and they reward the value of that stuff by sharing it with others, building their own social currency in the process.

Pay With A Tweet (PWAT) – the idea of German-American company, Innovative Thunder allows you to buy or sell a product in exchange for a tweet. For instance, if you have just completed an ebook but your focus is for the ebook to bring buzz to your business then you should try the service right away. In other words, rather than paying with currency, purchasers of any kind of content tell their friends on Twitter about it instead. Another typical example would be a band releasing its album and giving away a single song from the album for free if you can tweet about the album.

Presently, Pay With A Tweet is simply set up to create the button which users can embed on there own sites. It would be good to see which companies uses the “Pay with a Tweet” button along with the content they’re selling.

With more and more companies providing virtual goods, there’s plenty of opportunity for consumers to snag a freebie in exchange for some word of mouth promotion via Twitter. Pay With A Tweet is an early way to connect consumers looking for a handout with companies looking to reach the massive audiences on Twitter.

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